You’ve heard from us many times, and read it repeatedly in our newsletters, about how we concentrate on trying to make Testuff test management tool easy to use and more than all – fast and intuitive. It should be a tool, working for you. But there’s more to that. You should also have the have the control in your hands. This means that you should be able to use it, and set it up, in the way that fits your needs and your preferences. And it should come down to the way you use the screens, design your defect reports, etc. This month’s version is a good example of features and enhancements implemented with this in mind.
We are making final adjustments on the web version, with features that were included already in the desktop client, and now can be used also in the web client (such as the defect template, the option to operate on all items on a list, and more).

Here are this monthly version new enhancements:

  • Bug Trackers:
    • Bugzilla: Classification now supported
    • Asana: New API token method replaced on integration
    • Mantis / Axosoft: Auto-complete the steps-to-reproduce field out of the test steps. Faster, easier and more accurate defect report
  • Defect Template: Now included in the web app. Control your defect reports template, fields and design
  • My Tasks:
    • You can now show completed tests, up to 30 days, on screen together with the waiting tasks
    • New Filter: To show only the current project’s tasks
  • Tests: Filters now allow including sub-suites, to suite selection
  • Requirements: Filters now allow including sub-suites, to suite selection

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