There seems to be some confusion about our company name.  When I tell people that I work for Testuff, I always have to add in a pre-scripted bit to make it all clear. “It’s ‘Test’ and ‘Stuff’ in one word”, I emphasize and add some hand gestures to show what I mean. When I’m physically there I seal the deal by giving out my business card, thus making it clear how to spell our name and how to reach our site.

However, I’m not always the one to speak of our name. Friends, relatives, and most importantly users may mention Testuff to other people. Unfortunately telling a person the name of Testuff doesn’t conjure that kind of spelling in one’s head. It’s more likely one would presume that we are called Test Stuff, or TestStuff, and then go look it up in a search engine.

Luckily searching for Test Stuff on Google brings us in the first results page, but we are nowhere to be found on a TestStuff search. So our name may be costing us new users, most of which probably won’t be persistent enough to keep looking and change the search keywords to find us.

The moral of the story – if you are about to start your own company, make sure its name is easily spelled by doing some real world testing. Mention it to a few people, ask them to spell it back to you, and check that it fits with your spelling vision. Sure, it’s important for a name to be unique, catchy, and in context, but ambiguous spelling might cost you word of mouth clients, like it may be costing us. As a matter of fact, I really hope this page will be indexed by Google and other search engines real soon so that people searching for TestStuff but are actually looking for us will finally find what they are looking for.