We asked to send us feature requests and suggestions in previous messages. We promised to listen. Many of you answered the challenge and came up with great ideas. Some are already included in this version, others will follow.
A great way to make Testuff greater. For you.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

Requirements new report

We’re continuing to make the Requirements module better. And now a new report to show the results of the requirement’s test by their configuration breakdown.

Test Planning Management

Tests filters include now a new status option for showing all of the unassigned tests. This will result in tests that were never assigned yet (unlike those that were assigned but still not run).

More in this version:

  • Tests Structuring: Introducing a better, easier and faster, approach to changing tests position within the suite. Use the Set position option on a test’s menu to re-order your suite.
  • Audit trail: Label changes are reflected now in the audit. See who added/removed labels from your tests, defects or tasks.
  • Tasks management:
    • New status filter on My Tasks screen
    • Printing tasks includes attachments and comments list

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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