We are always talking about how we work for you. For the tester. Well, it’s true… we do think of you when planning our road map. Every feature, every enhancement, every testing service – they were all planned to help you with your testing.

This has made us think about all of you out there. Coming from many countries, different cultures, using different languages. Testuff enbaled you to write tests, defects and name the different items in your language, from day 1. But what about the application itself? Shouldn’t it be also in your language? We think that it should be.

So, we went and did it.

Not that simple, but worth the effort. The result is Testuff test management web solution localized in your own language. You can now work with your test management solution in the most convenient way, making it even more easy to test with, and certainly help you feel in your comfort zone.

The first language we introduce is German, however expect French and Spanish very soon. Other languages will follow, mainly based on users request. You can add yours here, in the comments area.

Willkommen bei der Lösung für das Testmanagement von Testuff an alle deutschsprachigen Tester da draußen. Genießen Sie das Testen!

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