We all like numbers, we remember them better than words say the experts. Maybe that’s the reason for finding what’s special about a number, in this case our new version number. McCartney wondered if she’ll still need him and love him by that age, and so does anyone. You’ve been telling us you do ;-) Thanks!
We’re busy making sure it will stay that way for many years. So, back to serious stuff – The current version, Testuff 1.64, includes as always, much to tell about. Our team introduced some interesting solutions for your requests, focusing on Requirements and Defect Reporting this time.
Enjoy the new version.

So what’s new on the version:

  • Workflow and Process Efficiency:
    • Import of defects from the tracker is now available directly from the Bug Reporter, allowing swift linking of a new report to an existing defect.
    • Requirements
      • You can now create a suite, directly from the Requirements screen, while linking between the suite and that requirement. All done with a simple right-click option, helping anyone making use of the Requirements module, and especially those who do Requirements based testing or Exploratory testing.
      • Tests can be assigned to requirements directly from the Tests screen
  • Fail a test – right-click a test, or a group of tests, and select the new menu option to fail them, without running any. Better, faster, testing
  • Defect Severity values can be now customized (under Settings–>Customization).
  • Reports screen improved – based on the feedback to the recent changes, we’ve introduced some more changes, for an even better experience.
  • OnTime – report as a sub-ticket is now supported. Add the Parent key field to the Bug Reporter, and enter a valid OnTime ID to it while reporting a new defect.
  • Product version field is included as a value to use when creating a new lab. The created lab will carry the value on all thereafter assigned tests
  • And those Little Things that makes your life easier:
    • Setting up your list of Run Configuration values is easier – we’ve made it possible to add many values together, not one at a time.
    • While changing the Category field value in the Test Editor, you can now add new values to your list of available values. No need to go back to the account’s settings.
    • Comments indicator added in the Test Runner, showing the number of comments on a run.

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.