Testuff is a test management tool. Our main mission is to give testers the best tool for that exactly – test management. Managers and developers, designers and stakeholders, all are important and can find what they need in Testuff. However, we are always thinking about the testers when planning the next version. What to add, what to change, and what can be improved. You can see it reflected in this month’s version.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

Manage Your Test and Defect Labels

Labels are a great way to better manage your tests, and even defects. And now the selection and management UI was improved, after being re-designed, based on users advise. More intuitive, easier to handle.

Better Filtering

Working with filters in the different screens, can help you with test management, test assignments and more. The enhanced filtering of suites, with which you can include the suite’s sub-suites, takes filtering to a new level.

More in this version:

  • API: Added support for retrieving only selected fields when fetching items
  • Send by email: Features enhanced and includes the item’s shared report link.
  • Share link: We’ve completed now adding this great option to all items. Share a test, a suite, defect, requirement and any other item with others.
  • Labs: Export to Excel of the lab is more comprehensive with the new fields added to it (custom fields, labels, due date).
  • Design and UI:
    • Search of tests custom fields was changed, and made easier for finding the correct results.
  • Web App:
    • You can now select multiple labels when filtering by labels (on all screens).
    • Move to the next assigned test directly from the test you are running, with the next / previous new links. This makes your work and testing flow much faster, reducing clicks and screen changing.
  • Desktop client:
    • Faster, much faster: Switch between the project’s branches from the screen you’re at. No need to go through the home screen any longer.
    • Running tests: We’ve enhanced the flexibility of the test statuses, by allowing marking an individual step as wontdo (available so far only in the test level).

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

Testuff. We Believe In Testers.