EuroStar 2011 is a major software testing conference (Manchester, England November 21-24). We were considering going there, but you know how it is – the travel, the time, the expense….
Then we got a chance to participate, even present Testuff, without going anywhere. Exactly as we like it – online.
Staying Virtual
Online is something we like. As a SaaS vendor we live on the net, our customers come from there, and we service them using it. So, if we get a chance for a virtual conference, how can we resist it?
Apparently, EuroStar guys realized that not everyone can come to the actual conference. They came up with a one-day virtual conference (September 13th) in which visitors can review virtual vendors booths, watch videos, chat online and attend lectures on software testing. All online, from the comfort of their desk wherever they are in the world.
We’re there too. We have a booth, and we’ll wait for you and your colleagues there.
Special Conference Discount
Our test management solution customers who will be visiting EuroStar 2011 real event, can enjoy a special 10% registration discount from us.
Our customer? Contact us, and we’ll send you the code.
Not a customer yet? It’s time to be one :-)

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