Working on an application isn’t done only in the front. It’s not all about what the user sees, but has a lot to do with what happens in the background. How good is the app, is dependent also in its performance, reliability, data integrity and data security. These all are complicated, and are a result of many different elements, that at the end are combined to the expected end result.
This month we’ve concentrated our work and time exactly on this. Our infrastructure team, together with network guys, devs and others were all busy upgrading servers software, implementing necessary changes to DB, servers configuration, and much more. This doesn’t mean we left the client side untouched – we have improved API processes, fixed quite a few bugs and worked to insure stability and continuation.
We are committed to continue our efforts to give the best test management service.

  • Upgraded servers software
  • Data base fine tuning and enhancements
  • Servers configuration
  • Improved API processes
  • Bug fixes

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Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.