Speeding up slowly and surely again, with the pace of enhancements, we’re back to our usual with much more on your one of our users favorite topics – trackers integration.

GitHub, Pivotal, and OnTime integration for both defects and requirements, pushed up to a new level. We’ll be presenting additional changes on them and other trackers, in the coming versions.
Carried fast forward by the good feedback we get on that, Testuff 1.55, the latest version, includes many other interesting useful changes that fall under that cool notion of ‘small-changes-that-make-the-real-impact’. These are those things users report as work-helpers, time-savers and efficiency improvers. We dedicate time to them, even if have less marketing-noise potential, knowing where the real emphasize should be…

Our latest report from the behind the scenes is no less than great. Our IT, with a joint effort of the development team, have completed a few months project to implement a powerful and highly customizable web service API framework of the REST-style interface. This not only improves performance and reliability but serves as another step in the preparations for our coming Testuff web version.

I’m also proud to announce we’ve opened two new data centers during this month, one in the US and the other in Japan. This brings our total current number to 8 data centers, spread globally, serving our fast-growing global community.

Here’s the full list of this version’s enhancements:

  • Bug Trackers:
    • GitHub:
      • Local GitHub installations now supported for integration
      • Import your GitHub requirements
      • Synchronize your GitHub defects with Testuff (Right-click a defect, or a group of them, and select Sync status from…)
    • OnTime defects synchronization supported (Right-click a defect, or a group of them, and select Sync status from…)
    • Pivotal:
      • Import requirements from Pivotal
      • Synchronize your Pivotal defects (Right-click a defect, or a group of them, and select Sync status from…)
  • Assigned tests screens (My tasks and Labs) improved for performance and search and are now ‘paged’ and with improved filtering options. We recommend to make use of these filters when working with these screens
  • Bulk actions now available on My Tasks and Labs
  • Search results window includes a new right-click menu option for tests called Test History. Use it to get a list of assigned instances of the test with a full range of right-click action list on them.
  • New dashboard box – checkout for the Requirements Coverage box under the Overview screen
  • Create new branch can now be done with tests only of another existing branch
  • Failed step number added in the defect details for better information and follow up
  • New My Tasks screen filter to exclude tests assigned to All Testers. Testers can get this way only tests that were assigned specifically to them

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.