When we first launched Testuff more than 5 years ago, our goal was simple – create an advanced software testing platform that customers could safely use anywhere in the world at any time.

Although software-as-a-service (SaaS) was already a well established delivery system for many IT tools out there, the Internet of 2007 was poorly suited for the advanced features we knew that our users needed.

And so we developed tools for software testing under a lightweight client that shared many features with traditional Web-based delivery systems, including:

  • Intuitive but robust UI standards
  • Right-click menu options
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Secure storage on our servers (rather than on-site servers)

In the years since, we’ve closely monitored our customers’ needs – thanks to their constant feedback and strong community support. We’ve also closely monitored new Web developments, constantly looking for ways to transition our most requested features entirely online.

Well – we’ve got some very encouraging news.

True SaaS Software Testing Just Around the Corner

The Internet of 2012 is a very different animal from what we first encountered more than 5 years ago. With new development options on the web, cloud capabilities, and more advanced data security, it has become a platform worthy of the types of features found only in our light client.

And thus, we’ve turned our full attention to developing SaaS software testing tools that will allow you to do everything you need or want to do – entirely from a Web-based interface.

Any of the features that we’ve already released (or plan to release) through our light client will also go into our Web version. In other words, nothing will be left out as we transition entirely to a truly SaaS software testing solution. And given the range of new online technologies that are now available, we expect that the 100% Web-based version of Testuff will offer even greater usability and a more streamlined UI.

We hope that you’re as excited about this project as we are. Once the transition is complete, you’ll be able to run, record, document, debug, and track any test from any supported browser on any computer – anywhere you have a secure connection. This represents the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

There’s nothing you need to do specifically on your end. Once it’s ready, we’ll let you know.

However, you’re more than welcome to help. In fact, we encourage it. Using the comments below, please let us know what features you’d like us to incorporate as we make this much-anticipated transition to a truly Web-based testing platform. Your suggestions guide our development, making it easier to continue delivering powerful tools that meet your needs.

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