We’re all still very much around Testuff 2.0 here, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting new features and see your requests added to the Testuff client.
Testuff 1.67 presents better integration for FogBugz, VersionOne and Clarizen, some new reporting options, and probably what will interest you most, it includes a new approach for how to estimate the time required for each test to be executed. We’ve added a feature with which you can use the average actual run time of tests, as the estimated future time required. This can help you to better plan your testing cycles and resources, minimizing the gap between estimations and real-life actual testing time.

Here’s the full list on this version:

  • Time Management:
    Improve your test cycle planning, with an update of the estimated time of each test by the average actual run time of this test executions. This update will enable you to optimize the assignment of tests for execution, and an efficient management of the cycles. We recommend using the Time: Planned Vs. Actual reports, as part of the analysis of the tests results and testing process.
  • Bug Trackers:
    • Clarizen: New API based integration, supporting export/import of tickets, and two-ways synchronization.
    • Fogbugz: Area field values can be now retrieved on project level, then showing for selection (on a bug report) based on the corresponding project values.
    • VersionOne: Two-ways Synchronization and export/import of tickets
    • Redmine: Import of issues and requirements is now supported. Simply right-click in the Defects or Requirements screens, and select Add from Redmine.
  • Shared Steps: Now supported for two levels down (share another shared steps test)
  • New Reports:
    • Last run status in labs, showing only the last execution results of tests in a lab.
    • List of requirements, an assigned test appears at. Right-click an assigned test in the lab and select Related requirements.
  • Those small cool things, which can really help: tooltip on the suite names of the report for Lab–>by suite

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.