If last time the list looked short, but was powerful, this month it is both (very) long and powerful :-).

We’ve got something on each part of Testuff, something for each user to find helpful. Our team worked miracles and covered many areas.
API, bug trackers, defect reporting, test management, test editing, test assignment/planning, usability, license management…. and the list goes.

We are proud to introduce integration to two trackers simultaneously from the same account. We are probably the first (and only…) test management tool to offer this.

In the last quarter of the year we plan to work on a few parts of Testuff for which we got some customer requests such as the Defects and Reports area, but not only. You will probably notice changes on Requirements and other elements as well.

So, take your time, review the list and … try them all … :

  • The New API second phase additions:
    • Submit test result using the API
    • Support for reporting more than one step result of a test
    • Get all suites
  • Bug Tracker Enhancements:
    • Reporting defects to two different bug trackers is now supported
    • New tracker Integration ChiliProject (21 on the supported trackers list…)
  • Better Defect Reporting:
    • Report multiple defects from the same test step
    • Category field added to the defect details
    • Failed run now linked to its defect/s
  • Better Test Management
    • Add ‘exclude labels’ filter in lab
    • Assigning labels is now available within the test editor
    • Label column added on the test view
    • Merge Branches – combine two branches, tests, labs and with all history
    • Created_date and Created_by fields now shown in test information
    • Multiple run configuration selection for assignment (creates a run for each selected configuration)
    • Progress bar added in the lab while assigning tests
    • Run configuration field added to the export file
  • Time Management additions:
    • Average actual time calculated for all runs of a test
    • Total estimated time summary for tests filter in My Tasks
    • Set estimated time for multiple test cases with one (right) click
    • Actual run time column in the test history view
  • Easier License Management directly from Testuff Settings

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. Use Template Tags for defect custom field value reporting.
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts work in the test editor. Use them to speed up your work.