We feel confident to say it. Our tracker’s integration is a real two-way integration for years now, and we’ve now made it even better, with a new synchronization feature which makes sure you can send and receive the latest updates and changes, made to a defect, on either Testuff or your bug tracker.
Our 104th monthly version includes many other enhancements. All of them together, and each of them separately, is designed to make your work smoother, faster and easier. We’re a funny vendor – we try to make you work less time with Testuff, leaving you time to do your job.
Check below the full list of changes, and if there’s anything you wish to see in Testuff not there yet, drop us a note. We listen to our users.

Here are this month’s enhancements:

Bug Trackers Integration

Already the best integration available – is now even better. Changes in a defect details can be synchronized now between Testuff and your tracker (both ways). Make sure your test management and tracker are on the same page.

Bug Reporter

Title and description are now separated and mapped accordingly on the trackers integration. Check also the new Preview tab in the reporter, it helps to submit clearer defect reports.

My (and others) Tasks

Admins and QA Leads can now see each team member waiting tasks list. See who’s too loaded with tasks, who has time, what’s their progress. We help you to help your testers get the job done.

More on this version:

  • Testing Plan: We’ve added a new Copy to lab feature, which enables you to copy assigned tests to any lab of your choice, and to the same tester as originally assigned to. Planning new labs and future cycles made easier and faster.
  • Defects: Sorting the defects table by Reporter is now supported
  • Operate on all: In all screens, the Operate on all feature, designed to support working on a whole filtered list for fast and easy actions, has been re-designed and is performing a much improved processing time. Save time and concentrate on what’s important.

     New only on the Web app:

  • My Tasks: Export to Excel is now available on Operate on all
  • Comments on Runs: New rich formatting editor
  • Account Settings: New improved design, for easier and intuitive management of the account.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

Testuff. We Believe In Testers.