Things sure moved fast this month for our development team. The long list of new features and enhancements on Testuff 1.42 is one proof, the rest happened behind the scenes, with lots of server side improvements and some important infrastructure work. A joint effort with the IT team, and soon we will launch a new data center (our 6th!).

Our plans are as you know them by now. We enhance Testuff, part by part, working by-and-with customers to make sure everything we do is right on target. The target is that you’ll be happy using Testuff…
2012 road map has some new services, not only current existing features enhancements. As we get closer to implementing those, we’ll make sure to update you.

Just as a reminder – follow up on our latest news releases, and media coverage to find out more.

So What’s new?
Testuff 1.42 includes many new things.

We’ve continued the work on the Requirements module, and got to the point where we can say, it reached a high level of requirements management, especially with the new Suite-Link feature.
TFS Integration upgraded to support its 2010 version, and while at it, we’ve improved its integration process to include more options. This is a TFS unique test management tool-TFS integration and we’re sure that all those TFS users will appreciate it.

A new bug tracker integration (25th, but who’s counting…) – Asana, and also included a list of usability improvements. An important part of what makes Testuff what it is.

Here is the full list of Testuff 1.42 new features:

  • Requirements:
    • Link a suite to a requirement. Any changes on the suite will be automatically reflected in the requirement.
    • Audit trail – track any change on the requirements, who did what, and when.
    • Update_date and Updater fields added on requirements data table
  • Trackers integration:
    • TFS 2010 now supported, with enhanced capabilities
    • New tracker on the long list. Asana – send defects to your tool of choice
    • Add custom fields to Assembla
  • Customization:
    • Customize your defects status values
  • Reports:
    • Print–>to Excel with multiple labs selection
    • Suite–>defects report, now includes sub-suites data
  • Synchronize Test while running it:
    • Use Sync in the Test Runner to synchronize the test details with the last updated version.
  • Those great things that makes your life so much easier:
    • New Shortcuts on Testuff various screens:
      • Ctrl/Cmd+N to Create a new test
      • Ctrl/Cmd+R to Run a test
      • Ctrl/Cmd+E to Edit a test
    • Test editor ‘remembers’ now the last selection for precondition check-box
    • Better control on the re-sizing of lab screen windows
    • Test Stage field now shown on requirement and lab screens (in the tests list)

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. Clean your screens. You can archive projects, branches and labs and get a better organized view of your current working space. Restore from archive is easy.
  2. Facebook. Follow us there too.

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