Testuff was selected to replace IBM’s solution, as the platform for students to learn and practice software testing. Students will perform their exercises using Testuff test management solution, and will learn how testing is done in the ‘real-world’.

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 24, 2012 – Testuff, a global provider of SaaS based test management solution, today announced that two of Israel’s leading technical institutions, Ben Gurion University and the Shamoon College of Engineering, recently selected Testuff test management solution to help train their students in software testing.

When asked why they had begun phasing out IBM test management tools in their respective software engineering classes, both schools pointed to the speed and ease of implementation, and quality of Testuff test management suite.

Offered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Testuff tools require no discs, hardware, or on-site installations. Instead, the subscription-based online suite allows users to access the tools no matter where they are (watch the video).

The teachers at Ben-Gurion University reportedly create practice exercises, and monitor progress from the comfort of their offices or even from home. Meanwhile, the students completed their homework and ran simulations using the university lab, local coffee shops, and anywhere else they could find a connection.

For the Shamoon College of Engineering, ease-of-use was arguably more important than flexibility. Minutes after registering, students were up and running without needing on-site training or even instructional manuals.

However, flexibility and convenience are merely luxuries in an industry driven by methodical rigor. Whether for commercial applications or to train students, software testing is a discipline with little margin for error. Displacing IBM required a level of quality that neither ease-of-use nor mobility could ever overshadow.

Testuff chalks this success to its unique approach for ensuring the highest standards of quality. According to Co-founder, Gil Bloom, “We focus on problems first, then solutions. Next we solicit feedback from users, explore contingencies, and restart the entire process.” He adds, “The suite is never finished – our frequent updates speak to the immediate needs of our users.”

In the past, these users have traditionally been R&D labs and engineering departments within the corporate world. But the addition of Ben Gurion University and Shamoon College represents a growing shift towards training aspiring testers with the very software tools they’ll use once in the field.

As Testuff continues to carve out a niche in academia, Bloom believes it represents the future of software testing. “With over 4,500 registrations spread across over 40 different countries, our test management tools are highly relevant in the here and now.” He adds, “But because schools like Ben Gurion and Shamoon increasingly use our suite to train today’s students, the testers of tomorrow will continue to demand the quality to which they’ve grown accustomed.”

About Testuff
Established in January 2007, Testuff is a global provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) based test management solution. The company is offering tools and services for the software quality assurance (QA) community and application developers. Testuff is a privately held company operating based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.