At Testuff, we recently decided to look again and in-depth into our customer’s experiences. We wanted to understand how our clients came to use our product. What challenges motivated them to use our software? How did they learn about us? And most importantly, what was their level of satisfaction with Testuff software?
An open line of communications with our customers is something we always worked hard to maintain. This small project was yet another channel to achieve it.

This time we created a questionnaire that would document our customer’s thought process from why they needed a testing service, to how they found us. Most important was to understand how Testuff was benefiting their organization.
An expert interviewer was hired to talk with a few of these clients, so that we would obtain clear and thorough answers. From these interviews, we wrote up case studies reporting on our clients’ responses. The results were good, but the best was to learn more about how can we continue to improve, and hear what our users need from us to help with their testing process.

In the first case study, we spoke to Jerry Welch of Nice Systems. Part of Jerry’s role is to ensure that NICE Systems clients can use the NICE Enterprise solutions on web apps, mobile and tablet devices. Jerry must simultaneously oversee numerous projects and thousands of various tests. Jerry and his Q&A team rely upon Testuff to manage this gigantic responsibility. Testuff software tracks the successes and failures of the NICE product and allows Jerry to provide a snapshot of their testing coverage at any given moment to the NICE Development department. As for Testuff customer service – Jerry gives us an 11 out of a possible 10 points!

In our second case study, we spoke to Software Quality Engineer Yves Nicodem of Leica Microsystems whose job it is to test the software controlling the scientific microscopes manufactured by his company. Yves’ boss requested to know at any given time the priority level on the tests precluding the release of the company’s software. Yves found that Testuff was the only tool which could offer the method of reporting (specifications on priorities and times) that he and his boss were seeking!

You can read more about our client’s overall experiences with Testuff product here.

We plan to continue and approach other customers, to learn even more. For years it has proved to be the best way to create better tools for our community.

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