The big day is here. Testuff 1.0 has been released, ending the Testuff beta phase and moving Testuff into production! Yeeha!

The beta program was extremely successful. Not only did we reach more than 1000 registered companies, but we learned a lot at an exponential curve. Be it about customer support, the development process, usability, web design, marketing, and whatnot, we became a whole lot older and wiser. We hope to keep on learning and keep on improving also now that we are in production to gain even higher grounds.

Something that made our beta extra enjoyable and helpful was our fantastic users. Having QA as a target audience brings your software up to heavy scrutiny under a huge magnifying glass, but it also gets you the best responses and most accurate bug reports a software company could hope for (thanks again guys and gals!). It shows that many Testuff users are really excellent testers and amazing people. It is a great pleasure to have them use our software.

What about the future? Now that Testuff has a price tag so that we may bring some food to our tables and shelter over our heads :) we really hope great success is in our fortune. We wish to grow and deliver our ultimate vision in full blast – to provide the best QA tools for the best testers. We have many cool ideas, it’s only a matter of time and manpower to make them come true. For now, it’s party time.

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