TEL AVIV, Israel, September 15 /PRNewswire/ — Following a successful beta with over 1,000 participant companies, Testuff launches its on-demand software test management tool. Aside from the standard features for test stuff management, Testuff offers an intuitive interface, bug tracker integration, and test video recording, all at an affordable price.

Why another test management tool in a market flooded with solutions? The founders of Testuff were dissatisfied with the existing products out there. They were too expensive, too big, too complicated, and required high maintenance. Testuff was born to provide a better solution to a neglected audience: small companies that didn’t wish to spend thousands of dollars on test management.

A lot of thought and effort has been put to make Testuff simple, intuitive, and fun to use. By deliberately going desktop in a web age, Testuff achieves a very smooth look and feel that’s rare amongst web apps. Accordingly, users report they get fully working with it within an hour.

Integration with the existing work environment is also important for Testuff. Development teams usually install and use a bug tracker before any QA personnel is hired. Therefore, Testuff isn’t bundled with a built-in bug tracker like most tools. Instead it integrates with the existing bug tracker by exporting all defects to it.

One of the innovations Testuff offers is built-in test video recording. When executing a manual test one can record the screen, mouse and keyboard. The video is then included in exported defects so that the dev team may easily see bugs recreated in front of their eyes, not able to use the “works for me” excuse any more.

What is the Testuff vision? Arik Aharoni, CEO and founder, tells us: “Most of our effort when building Testuff went into molding it to fit the hand and mind of the QA. The playful UI, video recording, integration with bug trackers and every other feature in Testuff are there to make testers’ lives easier.”

Here are some of the key highlights of the Testuff test management other than video recording:

    – Integrates with bug trackers by automatically exporting bugs to them.

    – Easy to use. Users report they get working with Testuff within an hour.

    – Doesn’t require an IT department to install and maintain. Testuff is an on-demand service with a desktop client application and a secure web-based backend.


Testuff is available in SaaS mode. Please refer to the Testuff website for the latest pricing information.

About Testuff

Testuff is a startup company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is focused on making software that improves the QA life by giving them the best tools of the trade and decreasing annoyances and bureaucracy.