Winner takes it all – Free account for a year!

The world is celebrating the World Cup event, and Testuff joins the party. We always said that testing should be fun :-)
So, we came up with an opportunity for you, to enjoy the games, and then go back to work enjoying Testuff services.

Special prices while celebrating the world cup.

Starting June 11th and until July 10th, any new customer, coming from any of the 32 world cup participating countries, will receive a 10% discount on Testuff license purchase.

And it only gets better for the winners:
New customers from the winning country will get a full refund for any yearly licenses purchase made until July 10th.

Good Luck
The Testuff Team

This promotion is for new customers only with yearly licenses purchase, made during the time between June 11th-July 10th 2010. Discount coupons are for the first year only and will be sent on request, and after approval. Testuff reserves the right to determine the origin country of the new customer by its web site statement, IP address or any other way it chooses to.