Usually our users are testers and developers, from companies, organizations and even IT/software development departments in universities. But recently we added to our user profiles, a new profile…. students.

The next generation of software developers and testers :-)

Our software testing management solution was selected to join, side-by-side, to IBM’s solution in two academic institutions, as the platform on which students learn and practice software testing. These students will perform their exercises using Testuff, and will learn how testing is done in the ‘real-world’.

While in discussions with these institutions prior to the actual engagement, we learned that, for both schools, the speed and ease of implementation, and quality of the solution are the main consideration parameters.
We met the teachers, with their assistants, to build together the best procedures to help them reach their goals. As you can guess, they need to create practice exercises, and monitor the progress of the work their students perform in Testuff. They were happy to learn how easy it is, and how a SaaS solution helps you work anywhere you want (unlike their previous installed solution).

Testuff functionality helps our new users:

  • Set the different courses/classes.
  • Add the students as testers, grouping them as necessary.
  • With the Teams feature, make sure each student / group, sees only the exercises it should be seeing.
  • Teachers can control and follow-up on all teams and groups, getting updates on the progress made.
  • All users, students as well as teachers and assistants, can enter Testuff from anywhere, as long as there’s Internet connection.

Feedback is good. Both teachers and students are happy with Testuff, and feel it helps them to learn, practice and get ready for their next steps, after graduating.

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