We know you’ll be excited about this one (you told us…). The new Recycle Bin feature is something that will definitely make your work easier and more than that – safer.
No more backup requests, no more accidents. If a test or a suite was wrongly deleted, it will be waiting for you in the Recycle bin for easy restore.
A few enhancements to the information about the executed test, enables you to track all of the run’s history, with every change made to it.
Testuff 1.59 includes enhancements to Clarizen integration. Being an important tool in the landscape of project and testing management, we’ve focused on improving the way Testuff integrates with Clarizen, allowing users to report defects, with any custom fields, as set on their Clarizen account.
There’s more on the version of course.

So what’s new on the version:

  • Recycle Bin – accidentally deleted a test? A colleague deleted your suite? No problem. Go to the new Recycle Bin feature in the Tests screen, and easily restore it with all contents.
  • Better Control and Management of your testing:
    • Manually set the actual run time of tests
    • Executed Test Audit Trail – audit trail is now available on executed tests. This is an addition to the audit trail Testuff has for defects and requirements.
    • Actual run time added to the Run History details.
  • Clarizen integration – custom fields are now supported.

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Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

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