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Testuff for Mac is out!

It took longer than we first thought, and along the way we realized it won’t be as easy as it looked at the drawing table, but here we are with a version for all you Mac fans. Now you can use Testuff on your OS X and share the work with the Windows users in your office. It’s the same data, using the very same user-friendly interface, now available on both Windows and Mac.

The Mac version of Testuff test management tool comes after running the service on Windows platforms for over 3 years. It is a response to many requests by software development companies who see constant growth in Mac software and users. We all feel proud to be able to launch a monthly new version on-schedule for over two years now, with many new improvements and features. Our new Mac version, released earlier this week, is an answer to great demand from our customers and members of our community.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges developers face when working to get their app to work on different operating systems, is that in most cases it requires parallel development and in essence the creation of several separate versions, each with its own development, testing, builds, etc.  Many of you are probably familiar with these Multi-platform environment problems.

This is exactly what we were trying to avoid.

Our goal from start was to have just one code-base, which serves all different OS versions. To accomplish this we did the following:

* We used Python (a multi-platform language) and only utilize packages which work on multiple OS.

* Refactoring and packaging any part which is unique to one or more of the OS.

* We automated the build and release processes.

What’s next

We will continue to release monthly versions for both the Windows and Mac clients, working with customers to improve and enhance the system.

There’s still work (Isn’t it always the case?), and the video recorder is yet to be included, but we will continue working on it, improving it and making sure it stands to the level we are committed to.

Many thanks to all the developers and testers who worked to make it happen, and to all the users who were engaged in the RC version and helped much with good feedback and great ideas.

And now we move forward to Linux, iPhone, iPad…  :-)

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