Only two weeks after launching Testuff for Mac, we’re here again with a brand new version.
This version includes a few new features and many improvements, with the “Star feature” – User Permission. Now you can better manage your group, using 3 different types of users:
  • Admin has full access to all areas, menus and options.
  • QA Leader has full access within the projects they are assigned to.
  • Tester can only run tests assigned to them.
Other changes include an improved Refresh functionality, for faster and better user experience, a few small bugs fixed on the new Mac version, and as always a lot of work was done in the background  (server side improvements, enhanced security and more).
We were also busy updating our web site, and mainly the Help pages. Not easy to keep up with these fast improvements to the software…
Many thanks to our users for providing feedback and working together with us to improve Testuff.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other ideas and feedback or if you have any question (drop us an email at support@testuff.com).