Your testing starts with… Tests. That’s where the kick-off is: creating your test tree, building your repository. Basic. And with our new version, you have new features and options, allowing you to better manage your tests – be it writing, assigning, or auditing them.
As always, there’s much more in this version. Stuff that we hope will get you to enjoy Testuff even more, and enable you to make better use of it. You’ll notice we are paying attention to the actual daily work, the actual on-screen usage, that you – the tester – make. We believe it’s important, and what makes a tool a great one.
We hope you feel the same.

Here are this month’s enhancements:

Comments on Tests

How about that. We’ve added a new comments feature on tests. You can now write your comments on a test – to its editor, tester, or anyone involved. Anything you wish to communicate about it with others.

Test Audit Trail

Changes made to a test are available for review and follow up in the test’s Audit trail details. Check who edited, what was edited and when it was done.
This completes audit trails of all items in Testuff – tests, runs, defects, and requirements.


Save your custom reports for faster access. Create your report, select its level, type, filters and labels and then save it for future use. Next time, you’re just one click from the report. Easy. fast. efficient. (available on the web-app).

More in this version:

  • Test execution management: Assign tests to testers with a selected priority value. This can be a different value from the test’s original priority value, helping you to guide your testers how to prioritize their testing.
  • Basecamp: Integration is available now to Basecamp version 3.
  • Those little things that make your work easier:
    • Reports: Full suite path now shows in the tool-tip on a suite’s name
    • Web app new design:
      • Resize the left pane: you can now control the left pane width for best personal preference. Hide it altogether, make it wider to see more of the suite/lab/requirement names or just keep it as is. The power is in your hands.
      • Quick access to action on a single test: The test main options appear now when mouse hovers over the test. This makes it easier to find, faster to use and eliminates any need for scrolling up and down.

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Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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