What matters is that it will work for you, with you. Fast and easy. Every new change we make starts with this thought in mind. The new monthly version includes many such enhancements and changes to existing features, to make it easier and faster to find and work with.
The version includes new features that will help the group to better communicate – whether directly (Messaging), or through better tagging and labeling items in the account (Labels).
Note that some of the changes are mentioned for the desktop, mostly because they already exist in the web version of Testuff test management (Labels management for example).

Here are this monthly version new enhancements:

  • Labels:
    • Management of test and defect labels just got easier, with a new labels link on screen (desktop client).
    • Filtering for tests/defects enhanced to support multiple labels filters (desktop client).
  • Group Communications:
    • Send test/defect by email now supports sending to all testers in the project or all testers in the account.
    • Messages center: New groups to send a message to ‘ALL USERS’ and ‘TEAM’.
  • Tests:
    • Comments on tests can be now edited
    • Suite filter made easier with a new no suite option on top of suite list.
  • Youtrack integration: Project field supported and can be included in the Bug Reporter
  • API: Test and Run by label can be retrieved with more than one label value (OR)
  • Reports: Requirements report includes now a new column on table showing the ‘open defects’ numbers.
  • Defects: New filter by Reporter added

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