When testing your software, applications, mobile apps and enterprise tools you are busy writing tests, planning the cycles (who will test what, when, how), managing the requirements and making sure they are assigned with the right tests, etc., etc. – many different aspects of the testing project. But at the end of the day, it’s about the execution. The execution of all of your plans, as a whole and in parts, and on top – the test execution. Actually testing…. Making sure it all works. Understanding that, Testuff tries to make test execution easy, fast and efficient. In this month’s new version we are introducing a new option on new labs creation, a new feature for attaching files in the Test Runner, and have started to work on a few other test-execution related features. There’s of course more to the version.

Here are this monthly version new enhancements:

  • Lab: Create new lab now available with the sub-labs of the created-from lab. This enables easier and faster creation of new labs, while keeping the previously created structure.
  • Test Runner: Attachment of files is supported while running tests. Files are attached to the executed test, no file type restrictions.
  • Overview: Test Category data box added to the screen for best quick-review of the branch.
  • Requirements: update_date field added to the requirements table, for better follow up and management of the requirements.

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