In previous blogs, we’ve often discussed the “switching costs” of moving from one test management system to another. A few of you have written in asking for clarification on this topic, so I wanted to devote a few minutes today to explain what we mean.

Anytime you change products, platforms, or services, there are “switching” costs and (hopefully) “switching” benefits.

Switching costs are inevitable. It doesn’t matter if you’re changing from McDonalds to Burger King… or iPod to Android… there is a cost.

As the user, you must factor in:

  • Any additional money spent on the switch
  • Time invested to learn the new product or service (even if it’s just a fast food menu)
  • Time invested to locate the new product or service (i.e. where is the closest Apple Store)
  • The effort required to actually move over to the new product and service (ex: importing data from one platform into another)

Whereas switching costs are inevitable, the benefits are not – they’re simply implied. If you receive no additional benefit from making the change, then the switch isn’t really worth it.

More specifically, before moving from Burger King to McDonalds or one test case management software to another, you must determine whether the potential benefits outweigh the inevitable costs (time, money, and effort) of switching.

How Switching Costs and Benefits Relate to Software Testing

At Testuff, we often boast that the switching costs of our platform are minimal while the benefits are unlimited.

But what does that mean exactly?

How do you determine whether or not the time, money, and effort are worth it all?

These aren’t simply philosophical questions. If you feel that moving from your current test management platform is too much hassle – or too costly – you probably shouldn’t make the switch. But… if you discover that your team becomes more productive and/or cost-effective using Testuff, then it’s totally worth it.

In Part 1 of this post, we’ll look at the “costs” of switching to Testuff. In Part 2 , we’ll explore the benefits. And then leave you to determine if abandoning your current test platform makes good sense.

Let’s take a look at costs first:

Testuff Switching Costs

  • Installing Testuff – With regards to both money and time, the installation investment is minimal. Whereas on-site servers require hefty upfront fees for hardware installation, our SaaS platform is a simple download. And as always, the first month is free, so you can try our test management system without risk.
  • Training costs – Again because Testuff’s intuitive design, and UI based on Internet and Windows standards, the learning curve is small. Most users are up and running within the first hour, as opposed to after weeks and months of studying manuals or attending workshops.
  • Adjusting to new workflows and processes -Testuff is flexible enough to work with any methodology. You can continue working in the same familiar environments to which you’ve already grown accustomed – only the data storage is different.
  • Data transfer from the old platform – This cost ultimately depends on the system you’re currently using. But if your files are based on standard protocols and formats, our convenient uploader allows you to safely and quickly transfer your data with a few mouse clicks.

But even with minimal costs – there are still costs. Remember that all switches require some money and some time.

The question is, do the benefits of moving over to Testuff outweigh the costs outlined above?

This will be the topic of Part 2 . Tune in next time to learn how Testuff can make your job easier and faster – at a lower cost.

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