Supporting both a desktop client and a web application is quite unusual these days, but we know our users want it – so we do. It does present many challenges and design decisions, trying to keep both as close as possible, while realizing the built-in differences, and the difference in what can be achieved with each.
You’ll notice we’ve changed the Requirements module in the desktop, and it is now similar to the web app design and behavior. Now you can use both to follow up on your requirements testing progress, and research them better, using the coverage table and the enabled filters. We’ve also invested much time and effort to enhance the user experience with images in the Test Editor of the desktop client, making it friendlier to work with and matching the available options as in the web app, as much as possible. And there’s more to come.
This did not stop us from adding new options to both clients, such as new print and share options on the Overview screen, and more.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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