From initial concept to final launch, each product you develop must undergo countless tests to ensure that it is ready for market.  And our Test Management platform is designed to help you analyze everything from the GUI to the security to the functionality of every application your team builds.

But there are times when you need to dig even deeper.

It’s not enough to verify whether a product, site, or network performs well in the laboratory.  You also need to run performance tests under “real-life” conditions that simulate all of the demands end-users will place on your product.

And we’re happy to announce a new service that does exactly that.

Introducing Testuff’s Load Testing Platform

Our Load Testing platform allows you to stress test projects under development, taking into account important variables like peak times and server overloads.

We support the infrastructure you need to have in order to be able to run load tests, and we’ve integrated it all into your test management tool so you don’t need new and extra tools to work with.

More specifically, our Load Testing service allows you to verify each application’s:

  • Speed – i.e. does the product respond quickly enough under all known conditions?
  • Stability – i.e. does the product perform correctly, even under heavy loads?
  • Capacity – i.e. does the product have the requisite infrastructure and resources to deliver as promised?
  • Scalability – i.e. is there sufficient slack for the platform to grow as user demands increase with time?

Why Develop This Load Testing Tool

Load testing isn’t a new concept.  And it’s possible to design all of the above scripts from scratch – provided you have the in-house resources to custom-build the necessary “load tests” for each and every project your team tackles.

But this new service works out-of-the-box, allowing you to quickly run this type of tests.

What kinds of tests can you run?

  • You can execute performance tests in parallel in a matter of minutes, and scale up test sizes using the 25 cloud-based servers supported around the globe.
  • You can analyze your application’s behavior under live conditions – even during peak load times.
  • You can duplicate speed, capacity, or stability issues that might be prohibitively costly or time-consuming to isolate using more traditional approaches.

In short, our Load Testing tool allows you to “stress test” for all of the foreseeable and unforeseeable uses, conditions, and applications that might arise once your product goes to market.

Getting Started with Load Testing

Although your tests and applications may be complicated, getting started with our Load Testing tool isn’t.  The setup process is easy and only takes a few minutes.  And configuring the parameters is straightforward – you can build your own load tests without having to write complex scripts.

Moreover, we’ve included a dedicated Sandbox that allows you to “test” your tests.  That way, you can verify everything is working properly before using up your paid credits with more advanced tests and parameters.

This tool represents the latest in our quest to make your software testing and development more holistic.  There will be more such services to come.

To get started with Load Testing today, click here.

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