Our hosting provider has advised us that there are important security updates that require them to perform updates to our host Testuff servers. In order to apply the updates, Testuff servers must be rebooted.

These updates are required to protect the security and safe operations of not only our infrastructure, but yours as well. We understand that a disruption with such limited notice is inconvenient, and we hope you understand that these measures are warranted due to the severity of the issue.

The following is the schedule for the maintenance windows, in UTC timezone:

* 2015-03-03 6:00:00 PM UTC – https://service8.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-07 3:00:00 AM UTC – https://service5.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-07 3:00:00 AM UTC – https://service3.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-07 10:00:00 PM UTC – https://service6.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-08 2:00:00 AM UTC – https://service7.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-08 3:00:00 PM UTC – https://service.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-08 5:00:00 PM UTC – https://service9.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-08 9:00:00 PM UTC – https://service10.testuff.com/
* 2015-03-08 9:00:00 PM UTC – https://service4.testuff.com/

You can find your server number shows up in the Settings–>Company details window.

During the maintenance window Testuff servers will be cleanly shut down while the updates are performed. Your server will be inaccessible during this time. A two-hour window is allocated, however the actual downtime can be much less.
Unfortunately, due the logistical demands of this effort, your assigned windows are not changeable and the servers reboots are mandatory.