New features, killer updates, and awesome gadgets – these are what most software testing tools promote in their marketing materials. And we’re no different. At Testuff, we’re more than happy to share our latest accomplishments – the newest bells and whistles.

In the past 12 months alone, we’ve blogged about adding an 8th data center to our growing network of international servers (and we’ve reached 9 since…). We’ve updated you on the 50th consecutive monthly release of our flagship QA testing suite (and it is now over 61…). And we’ve written extensively about our steady march towards a truly web-based SaaS testing platform.

We’re particularly proud of our universal bug tracker integration (27 supported trackers and counting). Many software testing vendors promote similar “comprehensive solutions.” But once you look under the hood, you discover that their integration lacks 2-way synchronization and automatic data retrieval. Or it either doesn’t have the bug trackers you need, or it limits your ability to use multiple trackers.

And so yes – we’re proud and boastful of our own bells and whistles. Features are important. They’re the inputs that drive perpetual innovation in our field.

But… there’s a certain beauty to simplicity. Easy-to-use tools that do exactly what you need. Non-bloated platforms built around unified and intuitive designs.

This approach is much harder to market. But as discussed in What Is the Best Awesomest, Fastest Software Test Management Platform? – the users of today demand streamlined and responsive tools that can adapt to any testing environment.

They want leaner, cleaner, and meaner.

This is where we’ve directed our development focus over the past 12 months – as evidenced by posts like:

And we hope to continue on this journey in the coming year.

It won’t be easy. Things worth doing rarely are. But regardless of the time and effort required, we remain committed to:

When it comes to lean, clean, and mean software testing, 2013 has been a fantastic year for Testuff and friends. And we’re excited about what 2014 holds.

Happy holidays to you all. See you in the New Year!

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