So much of history centers around extraordinary individuals accomplishing extraordinary feats. From Columbus to Gandhi to Steve Jobs, we celebrate individual successes, weaving their victories into our hero folklore.

It’s a beautiful narrative – one that holds true in many situations. But are individual pioneers the true forces behind so many of the amazing innovations we enjoy today?

At Testuff – we believe the answer is both yes and no.

Brilliant insights have their place. Outside-the-box thinking leads to disruptive technologies that shift the world’s perspective. There’s no argument there.

But what about the millions of additions, suggestions, and improvements that lead up to those brilliant insights?

When you gather collective input from the crowds, the final product becomes better and better. Each small improvement opens up new doors and opportunities. You won’t necessarily celebrate any single change in isolation, but the aggregate sum total of all new ideas leaves everyone much better off.

Wikipedia, Firefox, and crowdsourcing are just a few examples in which society benefits even in the absence of any single, solitary innovator.

This journey of perpetual improvement culled from user input describes our approach to software quality assurance testing.

User Feedback = Better Software Quality Testing

To be fair, most software quality assurance testing platforms benefit passively from user feedback. Whenever there’s a bug, you alert the developer so he can fix it in the next release. In this respect, Testuff is no different from anyone else.

But, we take the process a few steps further. We actively solicit feedback from thousands of our users, asking them to poke holes, push boundaries, and suggest ways to make the user experience even better.

It’s not simply the asking though. This alone is not enough.

We also analyze suggested improvements to test their feasibility. And whenever possible, we implement the best changes and announce these improvements to the community.

More specifically, our approach to software quality testing includes:

  • Active and ongoing requests for user feedback
  • Constant monitoring of our blog comments, Tweets, and reviews
  • Personalized and speedy email responses – usually within hours
  • Honesty and integrity. If there’s a problem, we’ll tell you
  • Monthly releases, which allow us to prioritize customer requests
  • Status updates and announcements about new improvements

And keep in mind, these are not laypeople and novices. We’re talking about veteran developers and testers who know exactly what to look for. Their professional assessments and expert reporting contribute to our growing body of monthly improvements.

The Results of User Input on Our Software Quality Assurance Suite?

The steps outlined above aren’t simply a wish list of things we’d like to do. They have come to define Testuff’s philosophy of placing user needs above all else.

Innovative features like Labels, Bug Tracker Integration, and Automation are just a few of the radical developments that emerged as a direct result of user feedback.

And this makes all the difference in the world – knowing that what you recommend has a very high probability of being implemented in next month’s release of our software quality assurance testing suite.

Suggestion boxes are only as powerful as people’s faith in the suggestions’ being read, understood, and implemented.

Our suggestion box is brimming with faith. Our customers know that WE KNOW they can switch at any time. As a result, they’re very generous with their input. They share their success stories and outline their challenges. They eagerly provide insights that focus groups, product tests, and surveys could never reveal.

They do all this – not because we have so many holes to fix, but because we’ve cultivated an active community that believes that software quality testing is a never-ending process. Like fashion, art, and science, there is no finish line. Just a continuous journey that benefits from individual breakthroughs and the collective input of those who want better testing tools for creating better software.

Join our community today. You can use Testuff’s advanced software quality assurance testing tools for the next 30 days at zero cost. Adding your input to the pool, we’ll only make our suite even better and better.

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