Time for some new design. Our new version (Testuff 1.39) is out, and a whole new approach to the Requirements process is now available.
With the new requirements screen, you will be able not only to manage your requirements, but also write, edit and run tests. A single-point of global view and activity of your testing.

We are looking forward for your feedback on the results of our team’s work, which is anyway a product of customers input, gathered along the way.

The list of new stuff is of course longer. Here it is:

Requirements Management

The Star Feature of this version is the new designed Requirements tab. With Testuff new approach to requirements, you can now manage them better, assigning and planning your tests:

  • Add/Write your requirements.
  • Easily assign tests to them (Drag & Drop).
  • Edit tests and Run them directly from the tab.
  • There much more. Read all about it here.

Other new enhancements:

  • New bug tracker integration – VersionOne is tracker #24!
  • Improved integration to Basecamp tracker – send defects to your Basecamp To-Do list.
  • You can now move incomplete tests – with their steps status – when creating a new lab (other than copying them as new).
  • My Tasks Screen Enhancements:
    • Filter fields are now text type fields for better and easier search.
    • My Tasks list showing new filter, supporting view of the last 2 days of completed tests.
  • Assign multiple run configurations to a single test.
  • Step_number field added to Excel export file of defects.

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. Sort Testuff tables with a click on the column’s name.
  2. Show or Hide table columns. Right-click on the table’s titles area to customize your tables.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.