This month’s version is full with improvements that will directly help you with your daily use of Testuff. It covers different screens and different areas, and surely you’ll find these enhancements useful, however you work with Testuff. It’s always those little things that make a tool do its work for you in the best way. Less bells and whistles, more down-to-earth features.
We’re working on some major changes to the Reports, and are planning on adding interesting features for better test auditing. Stay tuned.

Here are this monthly version new enhancements:

  • Short ID number added to tests. It joins the position number and the internal ID, and allows better and easier management and communication between testers, discussing tests.
  • Requirements: You can now print the status of the requirement, or all requirements, to Excel. Get your coverage table report in Excel.
  • Reports (web UI): Filters, Share and Print are now available.
  • Defects: Comments now included in the print to the browser
  • Suite tree: Sorting is now available. Sort by creation date or by name.
  • Asana: Project field can be added to the Bug Reporter and each defect can be sent to a different Asana project, with an on-the-fly decision.
  • A Comments indicator now shows on the steps in the Test Runner.

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Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.