The first 2017 monthly version (our 99th consecutive-on-time version) is in the air. Our team is energetic and up-to-the-challenges as always, and even more so. The version includes improvements to the reporting options – new reports were added, generating the reports is easier with the new UI, filtering options are now included and there’s more.
Other areas and screens were not neglected and you’ll find a range of new stuff in the list below. All designed to make your work easier, faster and more efficient.

We hope 2017 started well for you and that your testing projects are moving forward. We’ll be doing our best to get you a better test management solution and help you with your testing.

Here are this monthly version new enhancements:


  • New reports:
    • Lab by Version
    • Lab by Run Configuration
    • Last 30 days work completed
  • Reports data can be exported to Excel
  • The table data, bottom of each report, shows the total for each column


Filters of assigned tests have now an option to include the sub-suites data, when filtering for a suite.

  • Tests: Filter by label includes a selection for Unlabeld tests.
  • Defects: Operate on all includes a new operation for setting the labels of the defects in the list.
  • My Tasks: The tasks tables introduces a new column with the assignment date of the test.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

Testuff. We Believe In Testers.