Main Features

Any Methodology

Test Life Cycle Management

  • Collaboration
  • User permissions for better group management
  • Assign tests to specific testers
  • Requirement management
  • Test case management
  • Soft links
  • Shared steps
  • Test Dependencies
  • Test cycle planning using multiple labs
  • Archiving of projects, branches and labs
  • Reports

Defect Reporting

  • Two-way Integration with any bug tracker
  • Simultaneous Integration with any number of bug trackers
  • Easy screenshot capturing
  • Dedicated video recorder – records screens, keyboard and mouse movements
  • Attach video to defect reports
  • Dedicated video player
  • Communicate with team using Twitter integration

Test Execution

  • Automation – API to external automation tools
  • Team management – easily add and remove testers
  • Streamlined task management queue for each tester
  • Time management
  • Organize tests by projects, branches and hierarchical suites
  • Test priorities
  • Product version
  • Run configuration
  • Innovative rich text editor
  • Hebrew and Arabic right to left support
  • Export to HTML for easier printing and sharing
  • Import/export from Excel


  • Two available clients – web and desktop
  • Localization – Work in Your Own Language
  • Use without limits – unlimited testers, tests, projects, defect reports
  • Highly secure, authenticated and fully backed-up environment
  • No need for a server, get started right away
  • Highly intuitive, easy to use
  • Comprehensive Audit trail
  • Notifications Center
  • Simple license management
We would like to thank the wonderful Python community and the developers of some excellent libraries and tools without which building Testuff would be much harder, if not impossible. We are humbled by your expertise and good will.