Every application we use has those little things, that make the user’s work so much easier. It can be a keyboard shortcut, a hidden option, or a quick way to make the most out of a feature.

With the years we’ve created a long list of such helpful tips. Long enough to have it here for your convenience.

Let us know if you find it helpful or if you have a few tips of your own for us to add.

Useful Tips:

Test Organization

  1. Soft-Link is a great tool for better structuring and organizing of your testing.
  2. Shared steps, and shared-precondition, are a great way to save time and better manage your test writing efforts.
  3. In Requirements area, under the Tests in this requirement, select a test to get a list of actions and reports. Direct access. No need to move to other screens in order to work with and on a test.

Test Planning

  1. A test in the lab will be automatically re-assigned to the tester who runs it, regardless of any other tester’s list of tests. You can use it, for example, when not sure about assignments when creating the lab.
  2. Ask your team member to run a test directly from the Tests view by simple clicking on the spiral Run icon .
  3. When assigning tests in the lab, select more than one Run-Configuration to create a run for each, with one click.
  4. Use the Lab filters to assign only the filtered tests. When assigning suites/tests only the filtered results will be assigned.
  5. Labs can be a great way to plan and manage your test cycles. You can use labs also to represent new versions of your application.

Bug Trackers and Defect Reporting

  1. Bug tracker setup allows you to connect each Testuff project to a matching tracker project.
  2. When reporting a defect, you can Drag & Drop files from a folder to the entry fields of the bug reporter file attachment section.
  3. Use Template Tags for defect custom field value reporting.
  4. Customize your bug reports. The Defect Template is a great way to get your bugs look exactly in the way you want them.
  5. Use the same Defect Status values as in your tracker for better follow up and synchronization with your developers.
  6. Show your colleagues, using the tracker, the link they have on a defect with which they can close defects in Testuff. You can synchronize the defects status, as updated in the tracker, directly from Testuff.

Account Organization and Control

  1. Select your preferred language. Some users rather work having Testuff in English but others rather work with their native language, so we have completely translated Testuff into French, Spanish, German and Russian. Go to User Settings and from User Details section pick your preferred language.
  2. Use the Team feature in a project’s settings to better manage your testers and projects.
  3. Clean up your screens. You can archive projects, branches and labs and get a better organized view of your current working space. Restoring from archive is easy.
  4. Customize your account, go to Settings and select Customization.

Speeding Up Work

  1. Copy & paste does miracles in Testuff. Use it for a test or a suite, or even a group of them. It works between branches and projects as well.
  2. A test can be edited while running it. Use the Edit Test menu option.
  3. To change the status of more than one test at the same time, check mark a group of tests, then click on the More Actions three dots menu option and hover the Mark test as menu option to see all the possible statuses.
  4. Use Export test/s to Excel to quickly edit them, and import back using the update import option.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts work in the Test Editor. Use them to speed up your work.
  6. Work on several tests at once. Check mark more than one test/run and click on the More Actions three dots menu option to see all different available options.


  1. Watch for the  icon in Testuff. Click on it to get more information about a test.
  2. Use the Forgot your password? link on the login screen, to create a new personal password if yours is lost or forgotten.
  3. Use the More Actions three dots menu option on the Test Runner, to get further information about the test you are running.
  4. Follow us on Twitter. Sometimes we tweet interesting stuff there…
  5. Subscribe to our data centers status page updates. It can come up handy one day.
  6. To change your monthly subscriptions (licenses) number go to your Settings window in Testuff and click on the Change link next to the number of licenses.
  7. Share your reports with others. Get the shareable link of any of the reports.
  8. Need a new feature? Missing a new option that you know will help you? Don’t just think about it. Send us a note and let us know about it. We listen to our customers.
  9. Facebook. Follow us there too.
  10. Consider using our API to create your own reports. Your managers will love it….
  11. Be sure to update your payments account (at BlueSnap) with any credit card changes to avoid charge failures.
  12. Make new orders, for monthly licenses, from Testuff Settings window. For yearly new orders, go to your BlueSnap account and process them there.

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