What are test custom fields?

The Test custom fields are your unique fields, those you need to include in the test details to best manage your specific way of testing. These fields are not included in the test’s predefined fields in Testuff, and adding custom fields enables you to do exactly that.

How do I customize my tests?

Go to Settings and from Account Settings section select the Customization menu option.

Click on the Edit link for entering any custom fields you want on the default template. The predefined fields are displayed as well.

Click on the Add custom field link and the Manage custom field popup window will let you add the Name of the custom field and its Default Value, either one or many (separated by commas, to create a selection list). Click on Save button.
Now that you’ve added new Custom fields you may also set a new Name to your new Test template.

The predefined fields are always showing in tests, and cannot be removed. For some, you can control the values, under Account level fields setup.

What is the Custom Field Template?

The Template is designed to allow using different custom fields in different projects. You can set each project to work with a different template, and tests in that project will show this template’s custom fields. Need the same custom fields in all tests in all projects? Use just one template.

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