How do I create reports?

In the Reports tab, there are several available reports such as Status reports, Time Tracking reports, and others.

Select the Branch, Suite, Requirement, Lab or defect in the selection pane left of the screen, and the Report type as required. The report will show up below.

Can I customize reports?

Use the different filters on the top, to fine-tune your report. You can even switch from numbers to percentages.

How up-to-date are the reports?

Reports are created on the fly. This means that you have the most updated reports at the time of creation.

Note that clicking on the chart of a report, will direct you to the relevant screen with the data, from which the report was created.

Why is the number of tests on the pie and bar charts different?

The pie chart displays the status of tests based on the last update across all labs. So, if a test appears in more than one lab, only its last run will show on the pie chart. In the bar chart, the data is displayed for each lab separately and therefore same tests may appear more than once.

Any other options to work with reports?

You can print reports, share them with others, download the data to Excel and schedule any report to get it periodically to your email. Look for the relevant icons on the top right of screen.

 Each report has a Share link at the top of the page. Copy the URL you get when clicking on the share link. You may share this link to anyone by email or any social media, even if they don’t have Testuff login access. Shared reports are valid for one day.

Are there any other reports available?

Additional reports are available at the top. Click on Report Type drop down list, to see the available report types, for the selected level:

Can I generate my own special reports?

Pull any data, using the API, and generate any report in any format you wish to use.

Can I ask for new reports?

Yes. We try to add new reports continuously, many from customer requests. If you have an idea for a new report let us know.

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