How can I create project teams?

You can create teams of testers and assign them to a specific project.

  • Go to Settings, and choose the Teams tab.
  • Create your teams. Click the Edit link, next to the team, to assign testers to the team, and save your selection.
  • Now click on the Projects tab, select the project to which you want to assign testers and click on Edit.
  • Go to the Team and click the Assign… link. You can now assign a team, or teams, as well as specific testers to the project.

Can I change my team selection during the project?

Yes, just follow the steps above. Under Team section you will see the list of users assigned to the project, and the link Assign specific users will now read Assign more users and teams. Click it to add or remove teams and testers.

We’ve made sure no data of a removed tester is lost.

Can a tester be on more than one project?

All testers can be assigned to any number of projects.

What about the tester’s rights?

A tester can have a different role for each project he/she are assigned to. Maybe they are admin’s in one project, but QA Lead in another. Or they just write tests in a third project. You can overwrite their account level rights for each of the projects: Check out the Project’s Settings window under the Permission section.

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