How do I import tests from Excel into Testuff?

  1. Arrange your Excel file to fit the import format:
    • Please click here to download an example of an import Excel file.
    • The first line on each sheet should have the header line containing column names.
    • Suite names should appear in the first column with no other info on the same line. There’s no need to repeat the suite name on the next rows.
    • Test names should appear in the second column. There’s no need to repeat the test name either.
    • Preconditions should appear in the third column. Each should appear on a separate row. Note that you can add only one precondition per test. Make sure it is on the same row of the test name.
    • Test steps should appear in the fourth column. Each step should appear on a separate row.
    • Expected results should appear in the fifth column next to the test step they relate to.
    • Priority, Estimated time, and category parameters can be entered in the Properties column (comma separated).
    • Labels can be also imported. Make sure to enter them in column J (follow the sample file).
  2. Go to the Tests tab and click on the three dots menu option.
  3. Click the Import from Excel option. The import test window will popup.
  4. Choose the Excel file you wish to import. If the tests belongs to a sub-suite you can tick the checkbox Nest Under and select the parent suite.
  5. Tick the Update existing items check box, if item’s ID is included in the uploading file. Provide the test ID for each test you are going to update, in the spreadsheet.
  6. Click the Import button to start importing the file.

Import is also available for requirements. Read more here.

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