Customizing the Defect Description

Defect Template enables you to build the description in a way that fits the standard in your organization.
The default template generates a basic defect description, built automatically with the information provided while reporting a defect. You can leave it with the default, or customize it if you wish:

  • Go to Settings and click on Defect Template menu option. The editor will display the default defect template.
  • Click on Save template button once you are done with the customization.
  • Enter the fields you want to add to your defect report, using any of the available tags shown below.
  • Use the Preview tab to test your entry.

Tag format is #TAG_NAME,Prefix# (adding the comma is mandatory)

For example: Assume LAB name is Cycle 1.0

  1. #LAB,# will generate Cycle 1.0
  2. #LAB, My lab:# will generate My lab: Cycle 1.0

The Available Tags

Bug Reporter Tags:

  • DESC – description
  • SI – system information

Test Tags (only if the defect was reported while running a test):

  • LAB
  • TEST_SUMMARY – title of the test
  • STEPS – all test steps
  • FAILED_STEP – only steps marked as failed
  • REPORTER – name of defect reporter
  • STATUS_CLOSE_URL – Report defect as closed from the tracker
  • TEST_URL – The URL of the test

The Default Template

Testuff uses the following default template:


#SI,System information: #
#LAB,Lab: #
#BRANCH,Branch: #
#PROJECT,Project: #

#TEST_SUMMARY,Test summary: #
#RUN_CONFIGURATION,Run configuration: #

#STATUS_CLOSE_URL,Report defect as closed: #

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