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Testuff Manages Thousands of Apps for NICE Systems

At any given time, Jerry Welch, a senior Quality Assurance Manager, is responsible for managing up to 5,000 different software specification tests for the Texas based branch of NICE Systems. Working in the R&D division, Jerry tests software for the NICE Enterprise Solutions which are used by “contact centers of all sizes, branches, trading floors and back offices. ” Part of Jerry’s role is to ensure that Nice Systems clients can use NICE Enterprise solutions on web apps, mobile devices and most notably today – tablet devices.

To fulfill this task, Jerry must simultaneously oversee numerous projects and thousands of various tests. Jerry and his Q&A team rely upon Testuff to manage this gigantic responsibility. “Testuff tracks our [software’s] success and failures and allows us to run a report easily to give to the Development department,” he explained. “At any given moment, we can tell what we have tested – and what we haven’t tested, so we know how much coverage we have and how much we don’t have,” he added.

Jerry first discovered Testuff through a simple Google search while he was with this former employer, The Container Store. He implemented a free trial of the Testuff software and the successful trial quickly turned into a full blown subscription. Even though Jerry has moved to NICE Systems, his team from the Container Store continues to use Testuff over a year later. When Jerry first came to Nice Systems, he presented the testing software to his new team and challenged them to find something better. They could not, and Testuff is now an integral part of the Q&A team’s management techniques.

Key to Jerry’s positive experiences with Testuff is the company’s high level responsiveness to customer feedback. “If 10 is the highest rating, then I would give them an 11,” Jerry raved about Testuff’s response times. “They are fanatical about their customer service,” he said noting that they fix any bugs he points out to them almost immediately.

Jerry also explained that Testuff’s competition – “big dogs” like the HP Quality center – are more difficult and expensive for him to use because they require that companies become full customers and buy into numerous new software and hardware programs.

At the end of the day, though, it is the quality of Testuff’s software and its ease of use that makes Jerry a happy and satisfied customer. “Being a software [Testuff] with so many integration points is probably the key comparison with anything else,” he said.