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Testuff Improves Niche Market Software Potential

Company Background: Tribal Data Resources

Tribal Data Resources (TDR) is a small, but long standing company that serves the niche Native American community. Founded in 1982, the company’s eight employees are dedicated to providing data collection and data management software to Tribal governments across the United States.
The United States government currently recognizes around 550 American Indian tribes—each of which are considered a sovereign nation under the American government. As such, each Tribal government is responsible for keeping up-to-date genealogy data, housing and job records, needs analysis, and other key personnel data about the members of their tribe.
In current times of reduced federal funding and increased competition for dwindling resources, TDR provides management services that increase the self-sufficiency and administrative capabilities of the Tribes and Tribal service organizations.

The Team: One for All and All for One

Ross Hammer has been with TDR for 12 years and serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Development. As is typical of smaller companies, Ross often wears many different hats and assumes multiple duties to ensure the daily and overall smooth operation of the company. At any given time, he has one to three dedicated testers working on the TDR software; however, members of the sales team often step in to lend a hand as well.

Choosing Testuff: Flexibility and Ease of Use

Ross discovered Testuff through solid old fashioned research. “I did a bunch of Google searches and started evaluating,” he explained. “Testuff just really met my needs by being affordable and offering a centralized well managed case repository.” Although Ross had considered developing his own system or using a plain Microsoft Excel sheet, he concluded that Testuff offered a much more structured testing environment with control over input data. The software’s ease of use was the final deciding factor in choosing Testuff over another top contender. “Our sales staff doubles as testers on occasion. I wanted them to be able to run tests at the airport, the hotel or on a conference break,” he said.


For over five years, TDR’s small staff has used Testuff on a daily basis, taking full advantage of the software’s “access anywhere” approach. Testuff’s controls and structure, provide an organized framework that creates order and prevents non experienced testers (sales staff) from inadvertently making mistakes while they are on the go. The frequent updates from Testuff keep the software relevant and useful to TDR.


TDR’s experience with Testuff demonstrates that a small company without many experienced testers can benefit tremendously from the software which is often used by corporations who employ entire teams of testers. Testuff understands the needs of testers and strives to be affordable and usable regardless of company size.