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Testuff Video Records Software Bugs, Resolves Conflict

Company Background: SRA International

For over 30 years, SRA International has been providing cutting edge technical solutions and management expertise to the U.S. government in areas related to defense, intelligence, civil government and health. SRA has a deep understanding and mission specific domain expertise in a number of highly sought areas within the federal government.
It’s highly trained professional workforce of more than 6,900 experts delivers IT solutions and clients services in the areas of information technology, lifecycle services; cloud and mobile computing; cyber security; solutions development and integration; as well as strategy development and organizational change management. SRA’s global workforce travels the world to offer expertise in intelligence analysis, energy and environmental consulting.
Two-thirds of SRA’s workforce has federal government security clearances and approximately 97% are professionals or managers with technology or domain expertise.
SRA’s sophisticated professionals require top software solutions that will further their ability to develop creative solutions to complex challenges.

The Team: Testing Grant Support Solutions

Colleen Blizzard is a seasoned SRA professional who has worked with the company for 10 years. For the past 4 ½ years, she has operated as a test manager in SRA’s health sector, serving such clients as the U.S. military and a Texas based cancer research firm. She currently oversees a 9-person matrix team which helps to test and develop a grant support web application that filters grant applications and creates opportunities for the grants to undergo peer review.

Testuff: The Right Choice

Like many of Testuff’s clients, Colleen first heard about Testuff through “word of mouth.” One of the developers on her team had used it in a previous position and suggested that it might help improve the team’s testing procedures. For Colleen, the initial key factor in picking Testuff came down to a cost-benefit analysis. “Our budgets are very tight,” Colleen explained. “We don’t get the opportunity to use that much software to help us out. Testuff is relatively inexpensive and for the amount of help we get from it, I was able to get approval for it,” she said.


The testers on Colleen’s team have found Testuff’s video feature to be their most useful tool. The video tool records testers exact movements during a test, documenting each key stroke which then allows the developers to watch the actual test and understand exactly how a test might have produced a glitch. As if they are watching a movie, the developers open the test on their screen and cause pause, rewind and play it as many times as necessary for them to understand how a software bug was created.

This feature has prevented many a misunderstanding between the developers and the testers and very much improved the ability of the team to ferret out software bugs. “There is a tendency among developers to close a bug and report that the software worked for them,” Colleen explained. Now we have a video saying the bug actually exists, and it prevents the developers from accusing the testers of having a made a mistake.”


Colleen and her team have now been using Testuff for almost four years. Her team uses the test management software every day all day, and it has become a mainstay in their work procedures. Having used other testing software in previous jobs, Colleen can attest to the fact that despite their high costs, none of the other solutions have the video feature which her testers and developers find to be so valuable. The added benefit of Testuff’s easy to use reporting system has saved Colleen significant time when reporting to her managers.


SRA, a top government contractor, will continue to use Testuff software, as they seek to provide their worldwide clients with technical, operational and management solutions.