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Testuff Prioritizes and Organizes Results For Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of optical microscopes, camera and software solutions that aid in the analysis of macro, micro and nano structures. Founded in 1869, it has been a subsidiary of science and technology leader Danaher conglomerate since 2005. The company employs over 4,000 workers and is represented in over 100 countries.

Given the company’s long history and dominant size, it is important that the Lecia Microsystems brand stand behind its reputation for quality. As the company declared – “Our brand is a promise to be fulfilled time and again.”

The following story out of Manheim, Germany, represents the company’s constant pursuit of quality and better results.

Software Quality Engineer Yves Nicodem needed a solution to his boss’s new demands. Per his boss’s instructions, he would now be required to issue weekly reports on the state of Lecia Microsystems microscope software preparedness. Lecia-Microsystems releases new software for its microscopes approximately twice a year, and Yves’ boss wanted weekly reports from him that would help the company determine the next release dates for the software.

Since, Yves’ responsibility is to test the software controlling the scientific microscopes his boss requested to know at any given time which tests were high priority, which tests needed to be redone and which tests were low priority and could be overlooked before releasing the software.

Together with a colleague, Yves found that Testuff was the only tool which could offer the method of reporting he and his boss were seeking. “The key point for us was the [Testuff tool’s] to report on priorities and times,’ he explained. Having worked at Lecia-Microsystems for 15 years, Yves was accustomed to documenting his testing and reporting them on personal Excel sheets.

He quickly realized, however, that he needed something far more professional to bring to the company’s weekly meetings. Yves spent considerable time on the internet searching for an appropriate software testing tool that could be used and understood by the major players in his company. He disregarded the free Testlink testing software because it was too complicated for the non software engineers, like the biologists in the company to use on a regular basis.

Yves and his team of six software testers have now been using Testuff on a daily basis for over a year. They have discovered some inconveniences along the way, specifically what Yves calls, “lack of version control”. Despite this, Testuff is still the only testing software that allows them to report, organize and prioritize their software testing results in a meaningful way that can aid other divisions within the company.