We know the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data are extremely important to you. We have gone to great lengths to give you peace of mind.

  • All client-server communication is encrypted with SSL to protect your information. The credentials are verified upon each request made by the client to prevent impersonation and information theft.
  • Passwords are not stored in the database. Instead, only secure hashes are used. Even the company DBA’s have no way of knowing your password. This is why when you forget your password, we generate a new one for you – we simply don’t know what the old one was.
  • Each company’s data is stored separately from the rest to ensure that other users of Testuff can’t access your information.

Data Security

We also realize that losing your tests and bugs means losing money and are doing all we can to make sure your bits are safe with us.

  • We continuously backup the servers to prevent any data loss. We store copies of the backups off-site and are able to get the service back online quickly in case of a disaster.
  • We monitor our servers 24 hours a day and promptly respond to any failures.
  • You can export your data anytime you like and save a copy under your bed.