2015 was an exciting year for us, and we hope for you as well.

We’ve introduced a web version of Testuff test management, a new Load Testing Service was released, and as in all 8 previous years, we’ve presented 12 monthly on-time versions, with so many new features and enhancements.
We promised, and delivered, and the web version was quickly made similar to the desktop client, in all aspects. These two versions are available for you to use interchangeably, enabling you to choose your preferred way to work.
Another promise delivered – even sooner than expected – is the enhanced Load Testing Service. This service, available from our web application, offers now extended options for testing, with higher values for the different parameters. Complete your application testing with performance testing directly from within Testuff.

We also invite you to download our latest eBook, another 2015 product of ours, which talks about the 6 thinking hats and how to implement this theory in software testing. Interesting read for you and your colleagues.

We’re already working on the first new versions for 2016. We plan to continue and enhance our two test management versions, and the load testing service. But we won’t stop there, and you can expect new services and tools that will help you better execute your testing projects in 2016.

Happy New Year!

What’s new on this month version:

  • New Filter – Suites, Labs and Requirements can be filtered by name, directly on screen. One of those little things that make the work faster and easier.
  • API – Our open REST API is always on the enhancements list, and this month we’ve added new options and opened up new queries for retrieval of data.
  • Project Management – New switch for selecting hide/show of archived projects (under the Manage Projects window). Another feature for easier and better organization (Desktop client).
  • Listening to your feedback – The new Test Properties, introduced in the previous version, has been refined based on the feedback received since. IDs can be copied, test_automation ID can be viewed and copied as a separate selection option, and more (Desktop client).
    Always working with you to create the best test management tool…
  • Defects – The search results under the Link existing defect tab includes a link to the defect, as a new right-click menu option (Desktop client).

Visit our Website for more details.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.