Testuff 1.58 is here. Lot’s of new things in it, which proves what I reported to you last time – our team was working hard this summer for you.
As usual you’ll find improvements to bug trackers integration, the API resources and how requirements work. But that’s not all. The list includes a great new feature, for creating a lab with a future due-date, enabling you to plan and prepare your testing cycles in advance. A new report, and many of those great little things that make life easier, which are always a hit with the end user (we wrote about it two years ago. It’s still true).
I recommend that you do, what many of our clients do – send us your feature requests, and the list of things you are missing in Testuff, or need differently than are implemented. We listen. that’s how we work to make Testuff an even better test management tool.

So what’s new on the version:

  • Plan your cycles ahead of time – Create a lab with a future Due-Date to run it at. The waiting tasks of this lab will show up for users only on the due date and after (should they choose to filter it that way).
  • API – query lab by name or part of a name is now supported
  • Bug Trackers:
    • Jira – You can now add requirements and defects from Jira by using your Jira filters. This is easily done: write filter=FILTER_NAME in the Add requirements/defects dialog window.
    • OnTime – Import defects and requirements
    • Unfuddle – Import defects and requirements
    • Linking a defect to an existing defect improved – search the defect you wish to link to, by the tracker ID number.
  • Requirements – New switch for unassigned tests, with results from all requirements (not only the selected one).
  • Those Little things that make the tester’s work so much easier:
    • Tests Screen:
      • test_ID and test automation_ID added to requirements Excel printout.
      • Mark a test with status of Pass, using an easy new right-click menu option on the test.
      • Tests Operate on all menu, now with a Print to Excel / Browser option included.
    • Labs screen:
      • Create new lab dialog latest addition, is a switch to Ignore duplicated tests (mainly used when re-running tests within the same cycle).
      • ‘No tester’ option included now on Reassign and Assign-as-new.
    • Reports:
      • Reports pie charts details for tests (passed, failed, remaining), now link to the actual lists of tests.
  • New lab report – list of runs in the lab (see on a lab’s right-click menu under Reports–>Lab).

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.