End of 2012 is so close, it seems it always comes as a surprise. The first version of the last quarter is now out. Testuff 1.47, the new Testuff version, includes some nice new additions as the list below details.

Axosoft’s OnTime users will be happy to learn about the new integration with Testuff – we know they have been asking for it for some time now. New reports, some cool changes to the editor, and then more.
The last two versions for 2012 are on the way already. We will try to end the year with some great stuff for Testuff.

I want to get your attention to the new case studies we have published on our website. For those who are still not Testuff customers, it will be a learning opportunity of customers experience and how they benefit from Testuff. Those of you who are our customers, are welcomed to share their stories with us as well. It will help the community, and will give new ideas to your Testuff-friends over the world.

So What’s New?

  • New Bug Tracker Integration – OnTime
  • Test Editor Enhancements:
    • Improved expected results sign for better functionality
    • CTRL-R shortcut to insert expected result sign
    • Drag & Drop files to attach them to the test
    • Collapsed pane saved to last choice
    • Advanced editing opens up as a separate window for better usability while editing the test
  • New reports on requirements
    • By Tests
    • By Status
  • Languages Support:
    • Support right-to-left languages on requirements
    • Spanish, Russian and Hebrew dictionaries added to spell checker in test editor
  • And, as always, those little things that make life easier:
    • Multiple lab archive – you can now select many labs and archive them all at once
    • Runs now show exact location, including sub-labs

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.